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Product: MuscleTech Neurocore Pre Workout Powderneurocore

Price: 19.99

Servings Per Container: ~33

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Let me start off by saying I have tried many, and I do mean many, pre workout products over the years. Some of these products were amazing in terms of the energy, pumps, and mental focus they provided. Many of them being discontinued over time to make room for the new wave of supplements coming out. Others were basically completely ineffective (at least for me). Let me also state that I have tried numerous products from Muscletech over the past 15 years or so with very mixed feelings and results. This product, however, receives a big thumbs up from me.

Typically, pre workout products are used to provide an instant energy boost to help power through difficult workouts. They are usually nitric oxide boosters as well, which can have a tremendous impact on fighting fatigue and increasing endurance, while also providing shirt – splitting muscle pumps. Some of the better products I have taken in the past also gave me laser sharp focus, really helping me stay dialed in and focused on what I needed and wanted to accomplish – really helping me get into “BEAST MODE”. And who doesn’t love that?

MuscleTech Neurocore Pre Workout Powder, Product Overview

Neurocore is described as an explosive, super-concentrated pre workout stimulant which features potent key ingredients in clinically studied amounts for maximum strength to deliver extreme energy, intense focus and superior workouts. It is backed by fully disclosed formulas, human clinical studies on fully dosed key ingredients, and no banned substances.

It contains potent and clinically proven ingredients – some of which being – beta-alanine, which helps build muscle and strength; L-citrulline to really help enhance muscle pumps; creatine hydrocloride (HCL) which is a superior form of creatine shown to enhance muscle size and strength, and an awesome herbal extract called rhodiola which has been shown to improve mental health during times of stress. It also contains 80 mg of caffeine per scoop, which is lower than many products I have seen on the market.

Good Nutritional Profile While Still Being Quite Tasteyneurocore nutrition label

The flavor I have been using is Icy Blue Raspberry, which I must admit is pretty darn good! It goes down super easy, mixes almost instantly, and is much better tasting than many of the products I have tried previously. Some can taste pretty harsh. I believe there is also a Cherry Limeade flavor which I haven’t tried but does sound interesting to me. I may have to try that one next time.

What I really like about this product is the transparency of the ingredients that make it up. Everything inside is clearly broken down and they leave no guessing as to how much of each ingredient is actually included. Unlike many “proprietary blends” out there, you can see how much of each individual ingredient is in each serving – showing the clinically recommended dosages are included and not just trace amounts to get the name of the ingredient on the bottle.

Energy Yes, Jittery No

The energy I feel after taking this product is steady and consistent, without being too much. I personally feel like it gives me a nice edge to get the job done, without making me feel like I want to crawl out of my skin.

Having said that, the beta alanine inside this product does give me the “tingles”, but I’ve never really minded that feeling, and it does completely go away as I get started with my lifts. I do know some people are more sensitive to that feeling, so I would recommend starting with a lower dosage, then working your way up if you feel comfortable with it.


As many of you already know, pre workout powders and pills can be quite expensive these days. I have seen powders upwards of $65 and pills anywhere from 79.99 to $100! This product on the other hand is only about 60 cents per scoop, which seems to be a much better value than many other products I am familiar with. Definitely in a price point many of us can afford without stressing out too much.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I have been quite pleased with Muscletech Neurocore. Compared to the other two products I have used over the past few months, this product has given me much better pumps, a slightly better energy boost, and I do think an increase in my mental clarity which I really like.

As far as taking these types of products in general, they may not be for everyone. If you are sensitve to stimulants of any kind, you may want to stay clear of pre workouts containing caffeine and other “uppers”. Just be smart and always start off with a lower than recommended dosage to assess your tolerance, before going all out to the maximum number of scoops.

But, if you are like me and really enjoy the effects of a good pre workout product, this product is definitely worth a look. I am a fan and will continue to keep it as a consistent piece of my pre workout rotation for the time being.

If you do in fact try it, let me hear about it. Also, feel free to recommend some pre workout products that you have taken and seen some nice results with. I am always looking for the next big thing.

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