About Me

Hello, my name is Nick and I’ve been interested in bodybuilding since I was a teen. I had always been a rather skinny child. I was athletic and, I like to think, relatively strong for my size, but I was definitely on the slim side. The idea that we could physically build muscles and strength really intrigued me. I started dabbling in weightlifting in high school, and while I was seeing some minor changes in my body, I did not know enough to really make any significant progress. It was in my freshman year of college that I really started educating myself on the proper ways to workout and what exactly my body needed to actually grow and recover. This is when I really started seeing substantial gains in both my muscle mass, and also my physical strength. I was able to pack on about 40 pounds over the course of less than a year. My friends were always asking me if I was “juicing” (I was not). I felt and looked the best I ever had. I continued to workout like this for the next few years – making solid gains, both in size and strength. But by my late twenties, after moving onto a new job, I had really started slacking when it came to going to the gym. My diet had reverted back to my old ways. I started to lose that precious muscle I had worked so hard to achieve. My strength was significantly lessened, and for the first time in years, I felt average.

Well, that needs to change. I have recently started exercising again, and am beginning to clean up my diet. I plan to get back to my glory years, and I do not plan on stopping there. I want to be in the best shape I have ever been in, and I am determined to make it happen.

This site was created to help motivate and inform anyone interested in “pumping iron”, getting ripped, or just getting in better shape in general. I want to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your desired results. I speak from experience – without the proper guidance and knowledge, you may be setting yourself back. Join me on this journey and let us get into the best shape of our lives –TOGETHER.